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Adrien Pringle
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2019- Present
University of Waterloo - B.A.Sc in Computer Engineering
Winter '22
Sony Interactive Entertainment - DevOps Software Developer
I helped create a new internal tool to ease the process of releasing apps for the PlayStation 5. Specifically, I made decisions about and ultimately implemented the tech stack, and I wrote APIs that communicate between tools that manage app versions, builds, and releases.
Summer '21
Canadian Tire - UX Developer
I fixed display issues in the item ordering page of Canadian Tire's e-commerce platform, and wrote a module to prevent flickering visuals from data races on asyncronous data fetches.
Fall '20
Newtopia - Full Stack Developer
I made various improvements to Newtopia's healthy lifestyle mobile app, and wrote HTTP APIs to enable new health tracking features.
Winter '20
Bike Energy Lab - Database Developer
I designed a database architecture to store customers' anthropometric data, and a visualisation tool to help match customers with appropriately sized bike parts.